Friday, January 21, 2011

62 of 365: Viewer 2.5, why oh why?!

I updated to viewer 2.5 beta the other day, I tried it out and I'm kind of impressed with how quickly things are rezzing.  It's a huge improvement.  

However, I have had the same problem with viewer 2 since it first came out last year...

See all those weird glitchy marks in the water?  WTF?!  I'm particularly irked about this because I spent quite a bit of time taking some photos at Gulf of Lune.  I think I was there for almost two hours.  

So, after I take a ton of photos, I go to my desktop to open them, and they look like the one above.  Any water pictures look absolutely terrible, which means I wasted my time with all those photos.

Viewer 2.5 - two thumbs down.  Blech. 


  1. I also kind of hate the new Profiles on it - have you tried looking at someone's profile? Yes, it's huge and clear, but I don't want to see it on an external Web page or even tell it where I want to see it, for that matter.

    I still haven't figured out how to get shadows to work in v2, this version included.

  2. I also have the same issue with the water. I really wish someone knew how to fix it... :-(

  3. This has been an issue since viewer 2.0 was released and LL have been unable to fix - however some residents appear to have found fixes for their various systems, here is the jira on the issue

  4. thanks for that jira link. I will definitely look into that.

    I can't get shadows to work either. i gave up on that awhile ago, but I think I might look into it again.

    thanks for the comments :))