Sunday, January 23, 2011

64 of 365: Gulf of Lune

One of the reasons why I enjoy taking photos so much in SL is because the time I spend setting up a snapshot - finding a scene, trying different camera angles, going through windlight presets, or sometimes making my own setting - gives me the opportunity to really get immersed in the environment that has been created.  I notice subtle things like small little details in the environment, the music that has been chosen, and the environmental sound effects.  

When I find a place that I really like I often go back again and again.  Gulf of Lune is one of those places for me.  It is a virtual representation of a salt marsh from the American Pacific Northwest, and it is really beautifully done.  

I already posted the last two photos in previous posts, but I wanted to post all my photos together, so sorry for the repeats. 

Visit Gulf of Lune.  This sim is definitely one of my all time favourites :))

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