Sunday, January 30, 2011

71 of 365: Few and Far Between

My poems come few and far between.  I'm the type of poet who will write a poem maybe two or three times a year.  Can I even call myself a poet at that rate?  Probably not. 

Actually, that's not true.  I write poetry more than that, but the ones that I feel are worthy of being shared with others and read aloud are less frequent.  Quality over quantity I guess?

I probably would read my poetry more often at the Blue Angel Poet's Dive in SL, but the timing is not great for me.  It's on Sunday nights at 5pm slt, which is 8pm my time and my son's bedtime.  Tonight he fell asleep early so I took the opportunity to log in and head over to hear some poetry.  

Crap read some of his work tonight (which I'm a huge fan of) and I decided I was due to read something too, so I did.  I still always get nervous when I read there with all the "real" poets, haha.

If you like poetry or if you have some poetry to share, the Blue Angel Poet's Dive is the longest running open mic for poetry in SL.  Sunday nights at 5pm slt for the last 6 years I believe.  

Maybe I'll see you there :))


  1. I loved your poem tonight! I am so glad I got to hear you read

  2. Thank you Chestnut! *hugs* :))

    I forgot to say when I was up that my 8 year daughter inspired that poem, and I wrote it for her. She doesn't yet have all the words to articulate her feelings, but I could see it in her.