Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Ruins of Nu Orne, Fantasy Faire 2012

I'm in a mad rush to see all of the regions at Fantasy Faire before it wraps up tomorrow.  I'm only halfway through.  I'd better get moving!

I spent some time in the Ruins of Nu Orne last night and this morning.  It's a lush and densely populated jungle of strange and exotic vegetation.  When you go visit this sim, cam upwards, as there is a lot to see floating above.

This region was created by Elicio Ember and sponsored by Arcanum.  You can find a full list of the stores located in Nu Orne at the Fantasy Faire 2012 blog, as well as info for the other regions I blogged earlier this week.  

I think Fantasy Faire is my new favourite annual event in Second Life.  It is filled with interesting things to see and explore, like shopping and live music, and it is all to raise funds for Relay for Life.  

And speaking of that, if you haven't already, go log into My Second Life and hit 'love' on SecondLie Scribe's Relay for Life entry.  For every 'love' received in the month of April, SecondLie will donate a penny to Relay for Life.  Last time I checked it was at 592 loves - the goal is 10,000 loves adding up to $100.  With several other Second Life residents matching SecondLies contribution, that adds up to a nice contribution for a really good cause.  And send some love from your alts too.  There's one more day left!

Now I have to run, I have more exploring to do...

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